Team conflicts are like viruses in organizations!
It spreads like a virus to the entire organization and in such a case, an organization begins to rot from within! That's why Team Intelligence enables efficient and sustainable solutions to be developed for a complex world by activating the Natural Intelligences of a team collectively.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Matching Natural Intelligence)

Co2 emissions are constantly increasing rather than decreasing. The burning of fossils, waste, and raw materials for the production of plastic and metal alloys is constantly increasing. The annual growth and increase of the economy in every country is decoupled from the ecology. And there is no solution in sight as to how this can be balanced.

With a world population of 8 billion people, we are currently using resources three times the size of the world! Unfortunately, we have passed the point of no return. The air quality for inhalation is constantly decreasing as the proportion of negative ions decreases! All types of illnesses can therefore increase, especially in large cities.
The regulation of the biological body depends in principle on the higher-level systems A and B of the Earth's HEAT regulation. The body's own regulation is severely impaired by negative ions in the air and water.

If the decline in negative ions due to climate change continues to lead to poor indoor air quality, the increase in viral infections in humans indicates a weakening of the natural immune system (biological resilience). Therefore, as the temperature progresses, System A becomes WARMER and System B, conversely, COOLS.
Team Conflict viruses have to do with negative ions in the closed indoor work areas, which strongly influence System A and System B. In other words; When System A heats up, more stress hormones are released. These heat up system A, and the accumulation of heat causes system B to cool down more and more. We call it “Cold Hands and Cold Feet Syndrome”. The temperature on the hands and feet drops down to 2°C / 3°C during the day, i.e. down to 34°C.
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The EQ-TeamMATCHING analysis shows us how a team is set up symmetrically according to its EQ competencies and to what extent it is affected by the conflict virus chain.

In the asymmetrical set-up, each team member acts individually and with reference to themselves. In other words, it is ME-centered and has a repellent effect on team members.

Collective intelligence, on the other hand, is activated when all participants act as WE. Only then do dynamic processes begin to work from the inside out! As a result, the dynamics and sustainable actions of a team gradually become attractive to all other teams and over time the external (market/environmental) attractiveness of the company will increase significantly.

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The success and uniqueness of an organization depends on the Natural Intelligence (EQ-Competencies) of individual employees. Therefore, as HR, request a CV with an EQ-Match test from all new applications.

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Conflict virus chains continue when a person's EQ-Competencies and uniqueness are not supported. Therefore, sustainable organization with the “EQ-Matched” test, for a new world!

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In biological systems, natural intelligence is continually developed through mutation. With the Team Intelligence method, the Natural (EQ) competencies of each individual can be used as “collective intelligence” for sustainable team success. This is a source of natural intelligence as it was developed and strengthened in childhood until the age of six to ten.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Matching Natural Intelligence)

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