NITT Natural Immunity Temperature Testing
- The biological compass -

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Healthy living life is always related to your natural immune system, because everything is driven via the cell- and body temperature. If you take your body temperature measurements at least twice a week and enter them into the app, you can already see a trend after a month whether your natural immunity remains at the same lever or whether it is becoming increasingly weak. The NITT.APP shows step by step the points at which you should take body measurements.

Everything on earth revolves around heat. The heat temperature determines life and progress on the earth's surface. It is therefore a compass for all biological systems and your natural immune system. All livings and most animal species need a body temperature ideally around 37°C during the day. On this level, they can move freely and healthy.

However, if the body temperature falls below 36°C, unwanted symptoms and disorders begin. With the NITT app, you can graphically display an analysis of whether your natural immunity has decreased at any time, based on body temperature measurements at various points on the body. The scientific basis for the related natural laws, steering natural immunity based on heat and temperature, can be viewed at

Prior testing you would need one Non-Contact infrafred thermometer. It can be any trademark, pls make sure that the temperature range between 34°C upto 42°C can be measuered.

The free NITT.APP has the following advantages:

  • Your natural immunity tells you whether you are prone to illnesses such as flu, infections and unwanted body aches, etc.
  • Since the NITT.APP analysis shows both halves of the body, i. e. the right and left side, you can assign disorders in the body and draw conclusions from them.
  • You can record up to four family members with one account and analyze the data historically. A real biological compass for the whole family.
  • The NITT.APP can be switched to the respective language at the top right of the start page.
  • All personal measurement data are stored in guaranteed Swiss server system. Therefore the NITT application cannot be downloaded as an app from the public stores.

You can download the NITT.APP for your IOS or Android system directly from the Internet under NITT.APP on your home screen. We'll show you how to do it here.

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Spontaneous measurements without logging, allows a one-time analysis of natural immunity, each with a graphic of the right and left side of the body.

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Periodic measurements with a customer login allow a historical analysis of up to 12 months, each with graphics from the left and right side of the body.

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