Cold Hands and Cold Feet!
We have discovered that the natural intelligence of all livings is being weakened by global warming, i.e. System A and B are weakened by disturbances within the whole body temperature. We call this syndrome "COLD HANDS AND COLD FEET".

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Natural Intelligence Match)

It is the beginning of all kinds of disorders!

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All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. Cold Hand & Cold Feets are the first signs and begin of the human disorders.

All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. The synchronous communication takes place with all livings via earth vibration frequencies. When a body is no longer in resonance with this earth frequency, body temperatures can no longer be optimally regulated at 37°C, so the brain (A System) begins to overheat and the body (B System) begins to cool down (Newton's Third Law; "The duality of forces"). This may lead to "Cold Hands and Cold Feet" syndrome and a person's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) becomes negatively affected and it can regress.

The number of negative ions determines the HEAT in a biological system!


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When negative ions increase, HEAT increases in a body!
Individuals can continuously activate the collective WE intelligence.
When negative ions decrease, the HEAT in a body decreases!

Individuals continuously activate ME-related and self centered intelligence.

As we described in System A&B, we found out that in connection with the deterioration of drinking water, the biodiversity of hundreds of various minerals in very small amounts, have almost disappeared and non-existence any longer.

Negative ions form naturally by evaporating from water or the body. 70% of the earth is covered with water and therefore every biological organism (vegetation, animals, humans) consists of 70% water. The relevant HEAT movements (hot-cold) in the body causes water to constantly evaporate. When we breathe or drink water, negative ions are absorbed from the air by the gravitational force of the cells and released back into the air through perspiration and evaporation. Thanks to this cycle, the optimum temperature is created in biological bodies and is constantly regulated at 37°C.
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In a biological system, the conductivity of water decreases as the number of freely moving charge carriers increases. In other words, conductive minerals due to global warming or contamination with metals can reduce the electrical resistance in water. The higher the resistance, the lower the conductivity in the biological system!
Thanks to Science of Body Heat, in naturally pure drinking water We discovered that the biodiversity of minerals found contains many different mineral particles but in a very dilute form (10¯¹²). We complement this loss in drinking water with the frequency supplement of diluted minerals from the Swiss Alps.

That's why we offer a EQ Prevention personal set, which naturally supports System A and System B with negative ion density for optimal body heat regulation.

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