➤ The purpose of management, leadership, parenting and teaching is exactly this: Managing Change Healthy thru Natural Intelligence!

It is now understood that everything that was accepted as a manifesto within the systems in the past accelerates global warming and is not sustainable! Therefore, we need to change systems to a new culture, a new approach is urgently required; "A learning Organization". For an organization to grow and survive, it must be healthy. Meaning; Management and Employees need to be healthy! Otherwise, sustainable teamwork cannot develop due to healty disorders and absences!

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Natural Intelligence Match

Academy courses for Teams that enable Natural Intelligence through self-organization.
Our certification courses are open to anyone who wants to learn this leadership role in natural and preventive self-organization. (Parents, coaches, therapists, counselors and managers..etc)

Headaches and insomnia are the beginning of "Cold hands and Cold feet Syndrome" (CCS)!

Headaches and insomnia are becoming increasingly common in big cities and closed work areas. Currently, approximately one in every two people can be affected by it. This means a huge loss of productivity for the organization due to absenteeism. It is a gradual development that has increased since the beginning of the industrial age due to global warming. Thus, "Cold hands and Cold feet Syndrome" is increasing and is a symptom of the chronic deterioration of thermodynamic processes in the human body and thus the weakening of Natural Intelligence.

Certificate Course-Modules we offer from the Academy:

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➤ If the plane has crashed, it is too late to take precautions! We expect the same when it comes to the health of the environment and all livings!
Since the industrial age, we have not only harmed the environment, but also caused global warming. This has biological consequences for all living things and requires rapid preventive measures for the future.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Matching Natural Intelligence)

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