As day turns to night, the sounds of animals, like birds, begin to fade at dusk. Why actually? Since the natural intelligence of all living things on the earth's surface is synchronized with the earth's frequency, the rest phase for their bodies now begins by lowering the body temperature. For other livings, such as bats, it is the other way around, as their natural intelligence steers biological activity at night!

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Matching Natural Intelligence)

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All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. Cold Hand & Cold Feets are the first signs and begin of the human disorders.

Day and night are different due to light frequency

All life on earth exists due to the earth's frequency vibration, which changes day and night. If the brain is no longer in resonance with the earth frequency by day and night, body temperatures can no longer be optimally regulated at 37°C. This can cause sleep problems if the night's rest is disturbed.

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Sleep prevention through the night module

Natural intelligence steers brainwave synchronization to the constantly changing earth frequencies. In other words, due to the sun's light, different earth frequencies prevail and due to the sun's light loss, in the dark the earth frequencies change for all livings on the earth's surface.

For this reason, the diluted mineral frequencies (MFT) that we use in our granules are broadcast to the respective hologram every night. For this purpose we have developed extremely low frequency (ELF) transmitter stations. The night module can generate frequency waves for each person, which enable synchronization with the earth's frequency resonances.

The night module is an addition to our daytime prevention set and we recommend using it in parallel.

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Quantum fluctuations

Every living thing is a resistance on the earth's surface and receives and emits resonances to attune to the relevant earth and environmental frequencies. This resonance communication only takes place via Hz frequencies. In other words, Hz frequency waves are received and transmitted like a cell phone. Using a mucous membrane sample or a handwriting sample, we can assign the Hz frequencies from this sample to a specific person in our frequency laboratory.

Since the brain cannot permanently record information like a hard drive, the subconscious is in constant communication (resonance) with the quantum field, almost at the speed of light, which continuously records the information into a hologram. Holography is based on wave interference. When two wavelengths of light have different frequencies, they interfere with each other and create a pattern. Because a hologram records details down to the wavelength of light, it is also a dense store of information.

(Quantum mechanics suggests that the building blocks of matter are not made of small particles, but rather of fluctuations related to the information spread in fields. In other words; the shape, form and symmetry of any matter it's determined by the information from the quantum field and can be restored based on the resonance that matches its natural intelligence frequency.)

Nothing stops to exist in the universe, it only transforms and changes matter in the process. What connects is just the information thru light frequency. We cannot calculate complex systems like natural processes with our Cartesian logic. Our way of thinking about nature therefore remains mechanistic. This separateness is like an illusion, since at a deeper level of reality all the particles that make up all matter are one and indivisible.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & Matching Life Method)

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EQ-Prevention Sets
The granules ionized with mineral frequency are produced by adding minerals in different combinations, diluted 10-9 to saccharum (sugar) granules and these granules therefore are not considered as medicine. Chemical analysis will always show 99,6% sugar. Therefore, they are subject to food standards. Water sets do not have any side effects.

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