Don't let your heart be broken in relationships anymore!
Because your EQ-Emotional Intelligence can protect you from broken hearts. Before entering into a relationship, please take the EQ Matching Test and you can see the field of attraction and gravity between two people. Thanks to the EQ Matching test, the real navigation is now in your hands.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching & EQ Bionics)

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In fact, we only begin to know a person when we know its EQ Competencies, otherwise it remains a black box!

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When you work against your EQ Competences, it's like spinning in a hamster wheel!

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The following typical behaviors in the hamster wheel show that your "Matching Area" has been decreased and that you are working against your EQ Competences: i.e. hearts are constantly broken as the "Matching Aera" with the people around you gets narrower!

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