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Time problem!

We are facing real challenges in terms of the health of all living beings and the vegetation. For this reason, there is no doubt in my mind that natural law prevention, without chemicals and side effects, can slow down, even stop the rapid decomposition of organic matter.

Rapid aging!

Rapid aging is related to chronic diseases! However, the bacterial decomposition and shrinkage process can be slowed down or even stopped by the "Mineral Frequency Technic" (MFT). Prevention is therefore possible, sensible and recommendable at every stage of physical disorders.

Growth and decomposition!

Everything is regulated by the body temperature, because only through bioelectrical discharges at the cell level, the body temperature be kept constant at the same level.

To check if your immune system is weakening; Measure the inner and outer areas of your hand and the upper and lower areas of your foot every two days. If the temperature you get shows 35, 34 or 33 degrees, you may know that your immune system is weakened and the rapid bacterial decomposition process continues.

MFT Prevention Programs




3 MONTHS CHF 145.-



3 MONTHS CHF 350.-



3 MONTHS CHF 660.-

During acute and chronic pain and inflammation, the rapid bacterial decomposition can be slowed down, even stopped, without chemicals and side effects.

Scientific Informational Medicine is based on Natural Law's - without chemistry and side effects.

Biological systems are constantly being rebuilt in order to maintain their shape and structure for a long time. The mineralized cell mass is thereby renewed again and again.

In the case of a chronic illness, the original cell and tissue structure cannot be restored because the shrinking process is progressing rapidly.

However, this bacterial decomposition process can be slowed down or even stopped by the "Mineral Frequency Technic" (MFT). Prevention is therefore possible, sensible and recommendable at every stage of physical disorders.

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MFT Principles

has been developed
based on applied research

The fascial connective tissue keeps all the muscles of the body connected to joints and bones and allows smooth and rapid movements in an organism. It envelops all membranous cells, biomolecules, organs, muscles, vessels and bones like soap bubbles.

Therefore, physically a single cell or synapse, not even a molecule in one body touches another. So, with only the bioelectric current in the facial tissue, a coherent organism that can eventually move can arise!

Biological electricity should not be confused with artificially generated electricity. Biological electricity can only be generated by living things and the vegetation itself, and therefore cannot be charged with artificially generated device resonances and frequencies. In order to measure this biological current at the facial level, Natural Law has developed a scientifically based measurement concept and digital measurement devices.

Due to gravity, i.e. the force of gravity in the earth's core, electrons are constantly attracted and repelled. This friction causes the melt to explode and the formation of new minerals due to the cold in the upper layers of the earth. Therefore, every cell, every bacteria and microorganism can renew itself over and over again. Therefore, bioelectricity in vegetation and all living things can be demonstrated by volt measurements.

Biological electricity should not be confused with artificially generated electricity. Biological electricity can only be produced by living things and therefore cannot be charged with artificially produced device resonances and frequencies.

MFT Prevention Seminars



For consultancy activities

1 DAY CHF 290.-


For MFT advising

5 DAY CHF 1'940.-


SEMINARS about self-organization


On the basis of scientific informational medicine, we have developed the primary "System A" and can teach in this seminar, the rapid bacterial decomposition on the fascial measurements in conjunction with body temperature measurements. The seminars are suitable for doctors, psychologists and therapists as support for ongoing therapies. This enables patients to be optimally supported with digital measurement techniques.

I started developing and applying the scientific principles of Kybernetik 30 years ago.


In 2011 I developed the scientific application for System A, based on Kybernetik.


In 2017, all field research and tests related to System A were terminated. 3 - MFT-PREVENTION PROGRAMS has been developed, which support the natural immune system of humans and animals with different frequency speeds.

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Scientifically based information medicine


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3. Minimum number of participants
Seminars for private individuals are usually only carried out with 10 or more participants. Seminars for companies and organizations are not subject to a minimum number.
4. Maximum number of participants
In order to be able to achieve the training goals, the number of participants for all half-day and day seminars offered by Natural Law is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. Reserved are previously agreed exceptional cases with the respective MFT center, which usually result in the use of additional trainers.
5. Report the definite number of participants
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6. Conducting seminars
If a seminar is canceled due to illness of the instructor or speakers, the number of participants is too small, as well as failures for which natural law is not responsible and force majeure, there is no entitlement to implementation. If possible, an alternative date will be offered. Natural Law assumes no liability for objects that are taken into the seminars or for other direct damage and costs including loss of earnings, lost profit or claims of third parties, data loss, travel costs, consequential and pecuniary damage of any kind.
7. Seminar cancellation
Cancellations and rebookings must be made in writing and only become legally valid after written confirmation from Natural Law. For all seminars and training courses, if canceled, the following will be charged: 31 to 60 calendar days before the seminar date 50% of the seminar price 11 to 30 calendar days before the seminar date 75% of the seminar price 0 to 10 calendar days before the seminar date 100% of the seminar price
8. Seminar success
The lessons and exercises in the seminars are designed so that an attentive participant can achieve the seminar goals. However, Natural Law is not liable for the success of the training.
9. Invoicing
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