How are you raising your child for a new world?
There is no doubt that society and the economy are constantly changing due to climate change. Natural, Emotional Intelligence Competencies (EQ) become more important for the future, above all for a child's sustainable application of what has been learned. We support schools with our NEW WORLD method, as a child's EQ Competencies can develop up to the age of 10.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)

Thanks to our EQ Matching, we can measure the child's progress in terms of EQ competencies each year. We support parents and schools in educational New World method.

In terms of natural energy production much needs to be done on a large scale in the new world...

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In terms of rapid climate change, it is necessary to make major changes in the new world...

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Major changes are needed in the new world to protect the environment, preserve water quality and expand biodiversity.

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In the new world, much changes are needed to significantly reduce the waste of materials and energy...

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There can be no IQ and AI without EQ. For this reason, it is necessary to make major changes in terms of artificial intelligence technologies related to maintaining the balance of EQ and IQ during product development.

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