Team conflicts are like viruses in organizations!
It spreads like a virus to the entire organization and in such a case, an organization begins to rot from within! That's why EQ-TeamMATCHING enables efficient and sustainable solutions to be developed for a complex world by activating the EQ Collective Intelligence of a team.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)

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Your Success and Uniqueness is related to your EQ and can instantly positively affect an entire organization with the EQ-Matching Method.

Show the world in your CV, your EQ competencies and why you are unique and the company needs you.

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As a result, the HR department needs much less time for the evaluation and can allocate the right candidate directly to the team through EQ-WORKMatching analysis.

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Are you the right person? Then prove it with EQ-TeamMATCHING.

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In biological systems, natural intelligence is continuously developed through mutation. With the EQ WorkMATCHING method, the EQ competences of each individual can be used as "Collective Intelligence" for sustainable team success. This is a source of natural intelligence since the childhoot has been developed and strengthened up to the age of six. As part of the EQ-Bionics workshops, this natural range of personal EQ competencies of the team members is accessed, used as collective intelligence and expanded.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)

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