We have discovered that the natural intelligence of all livings is being weakened by global warming, i.e. System A and B are weakened by disturbances within the whole body temperature. We call this syndrome "COLD HANDS AND COLD FEET".

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)

The world has its own natural intelligence system how it regulates the temperature for all livings.

When the surface water temperature is heated by the sun, evaporation begins. This means that negative ions are released into the atmosphere for cloud forming. Heating in the Earth's surface and habitat (System A) starts with this first step.
The condensation of negative and positive ions in the clouds causes lightning and precipitation. i.e when the water droplets combine into larger drops due to air movement and are heavy enough do they fall back to the earth as rain.
The water finds its way through the Alps, hills and valleys back to the sea. The mineralization of the water depends very much on this optimal pace, which is steered by the warm and cold temperatures on the earth's habitat surface within the System A area.
Through millions of years of evolution, the Earth has developed a heat management system so that most living beings can permanently maintain an optimal body temperature of 37°C. This has created an atmosphere that allows only as much sunlight to pass through as is necessary. Below the earth's surface, ie. deep water and the ground, temperatures are coordinated by System B, therefore by the Earth's core. Therefore, System A and System B run in parallel and synchronously, which ensures the ideal temperatures on land and in water for all kind of livings.

Global warming therefore has a direct impact on System A and on the System B. It creates disturbances and weakens the natural immunity (biological *resilience) and Natural Intelligence (EQ) of all livings.

*Resilience= The capacity of biological systems to respond to disruption or damage by resisting and quickly renewing themselves. In other words, in a chaos-based order, being able to adapt to mutual temperature differences.

Co2 emissions are constantly increasing rather than decreasing. The burning of fossils, waste, and raw materials for the production of plastic and metal alloys is constantly increasing. The annual growth and increase of the economy in every country is decoupled from the ecology. And there is no solution in sight as to how this can be balanced.

With a population of 8 billion people, we are currently using resources three times the size of the world! Unfortunately, we have passed the point of no return. The air quality for inhalation is constantly decreasing as the proportion of negative ions decreases! All types of illnesses can therefore increase, especially in large cities.
The world's rainforests in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia are currently being systematically and extensively destroyed. The clear-cutting of entire areas of land is used to expand huge cattle farms and large-scale cultivation of monocultures of soy, corn, sugar cane and palm oil trees.

Due to climate change, there will be more droughts if there is no rain for longer and there is a lot of wind! Then, even without sun, the forest soil dries out - and this is exactly where most forest fires start. If poor indoor air quality continues to increase due to a decrease in negative ions, the natural immune system can be weakened due to an increase in viral infections.
In closed living and working spaces, the proportion of negative ions is constantly decreasing due to electrical devices and computers.

Illnesses with high fever show us that a warming of system A by +2 to +3ºC results in a cooling of system B by -2 to -3ºC! In other words, sweats form in the head area (system A), while in the lower part of the body (system B) the body freezes and causes joint pain. If poor indoor air quality continues to increase due to a decrease in negative ions, the natural immune system can be weakened due to an increase in viral infections.
Body regulation generally depends on the Earth's overarching System A and System B. Due to the negative ions in the air and water, the body's regulation is strongly influenced. This means that the body heat of people in System A will tend to increase and in System B it will cool down.

In addition, free radicals multiply when temperature and sunlight are high. Free radicals are organic compounds that contain oxygen. These oxygen compounds with unpaired electrons strive to steal electrons from another atom or molecule. They react with these and form new radicals, which in turn steal electrons from other substances and in a chain reaction the radicals continually multiply in a biological body. As a result of this chain reaction, oxidative stress increases, which heats up System A and cools down System B.
Due to global warming, weather extremes such as heat waves, droughts, floods and storms will become increasingly common. This has a direct negative impact on the food security of many people.
Due to the use of pesticides, fertile farmland becomes stone hard and no longer usable. Intensive agriculture through pesticides, heat and, above all, floods have depleted the soil.

Soil as hard as concrete and cracked soils absorb too much water because, as shown in the illustration, the soil can no longer compact due to the artificial use of pesticides. The result: the water is passed on very quickly. The result; cooling of the ground (System B) and cracks can cause earthquakes.

As global warming causes increased winds, cracking in the soil affects the cooling of the ground and the increase of permafrost, which leads to soil frosts and later cold ice ages.
The heat causes not only the tissue temperature but also transpiration, i.e. breathing, to increase in the fruit/vegetable. Due to increasing breathing, moisture evaporates through the tissue much faster than usual. This deprives the ground of groundwater. The result: The soil becomes colder and this leads to clumping or destruction of proteins and enzymes and, as a result, to tissue breakdown at the roots (drying out), in the leaves and fruits (rotting).
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Not only does the quality of drinking water suffer from the use of pesticides, the floods have also washed pollutants such as oil and gasoline into the waterways. Long-term environmental damage is therefore not yet foreseeable.

The water in nature moves in the cycle of System A and System B to support optimal body temperature regulation for all living creatures.

After the rain, the clean, mineralized and energized spring water flows down into the valley. More water comes from everywhere through river veins and forms a river. Most of the water seeps into the ground. All soil organisms, plants, animals and humans benefit from this. The water seeps deeper. This enriches the groundwater. As spring water, the water leaves the ground to collect in the sea and then evaporate again to form rain clouds.

All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. Cold Hand & Cold Feets are the first signs and begin of the human disorders. The extinction of species among animals and plants is therefore increasing.

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All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. The synchronous communication takes place with all livings via earth vibration frequencies. When a body is no longer in resonance with this earth frequency, body temperatures can no longer be optimally regulated at 37°C, so the brain (A System) begins to overheat and the body (B System) begins to cool down (Newton's Third Law; "The duality of forces"). This may lead to "Cold Hands and Cold Feet" syndrome and a person's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) becomes negatively affected and it can regress.

That's why we offer a personal set as EQ Prevention to naturally support System A & System B for optimal body heat regulation.

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EQ-Prevention Sets

EQ-Prevention Sets
The granules ionized with mineral frequency are produced by adding minerals in different combinations, diluted 10-9 to saccharum (sugar) granules and these granules therefore are not considered as medicine. Chemical analysis will always show 99,6% sugar. Therefore, they are subject to food standards. Water sets do not have any side effects.

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