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This brings me to the place where I stood in January 1980 in Lusaka at the start of my first job. I was saved, nearly three months old in the Lord but without a church to call home and there was a disequilibrium in my life. I knew I had to have a church, it was not an option. How I joined the Salvation Army

I looked for a moment when I was sure no one was watching me. I walked over to the Statue of Mary the Mother of Jesus and placed it covered under some loose soil there. I quickly bowed my head in prayer and left the place. My letter to God

Long before the sun rose, we were awakened by the healer. He told us to come out and stand outside our hut. We did that. It was dark on the ground, hard to see anything that might be laying there. But the healer was moving up and down with great comfort and ease. My encounters with witch-doctors

It taught me that no matter how small, a lie, can bring me down in the faith. No wonder the  armor in Ephesians 6 starts with the belt of truth. Without truth it is impossible to build anything in the Kingdom of God.

Shortly after accepting Jesus as my personal savior the Lord opened my eyes to see the world of darkness, the which my spirit engaged on a daily basis over such a long part of my life.

Sometimes the darkness itself becomes the noise. Our ears are trained to listen and to hear during waking hours and to go to rest by night.By night, they work with the heart; they close to the outside and open to the  insidenside. Through the storm
Growing is a natural phenomenon. It is evidence of life within. Any organism that has life shows signs of growing. God expects us to grow. Sin prevents us from growing.                                         Read more about Growing in the Lord
The road from John 3: 5 to Acts chapter 2 started on October 24th 1979 when I made up my mind to follow Jesus and culminated into Thursday October 28th.
If anyone wants to know the power of the Christian faith it is spelt out by Jesus. He has just answered the question that has been asked throughout the ages: what does this faith mean? What is its power?

Show me the Way Lord, shed your Light on it and give me strength and courage to walk thereon. "He is the Way, the truth and the life ..." Jn 16:4